5 Tips for Transitioning to Your Natural Hair

Posted by Amanda Akiwumi on

Have you considered returning to your natural hair? If the thought of doing a big chop right away is too much for you then transitioning and growing out your natural texture slowly is another good option.


Here are 5 tips for transitioning to your natural hair:


  1. Be patient! It can be a long journey, so take the time to figure out what products work with your new hair texture.
  2. Gently comb hair when it's wet! Detangling your hair with two different textures can be difficult at first, make sure to gently comb your hair whilst it's wet and use lots of conditioner or a good detangler.
  3. Keep your hair well moisturised! This will help minimise breakage.
  4. Find your go to protective style! Whether it braids, wigs or buns try keeping your hair away in a protective style or low manipulation styles.
  5. Cut back on using direct heat! Try not to use hair straighteners or a blow dryer so you don't damage your natural texture as it's growing out.

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